Tuesday, September 6, 2022

What Is Going On with the Culver Chateau?


The Culver Chateau 

I recently found out the Culver Chateau, said to be built long ago by a French immigrant, may be slated for demolition. 

LADBS' website displays an error message when I try to research the property (truth be told, it usually displays an error message whenever I try to use it for anything). As this is Culver City and not LA proper, ZIMAS has no information.

I have tried contacting whoever is behind the Save the Culver Chateau website, but emails just bounce back as undeliverable.

The Chateau stands at 9035 Poinsettia Court, mysteriously does not appear on Culver City's list of houses despite allegedly meeting the legal criteria, and is said to be slated for a parking facility for Hackman Capital Partners, which is about a three-minute walk away. The house sold for over $4 MILLION in March - considerably over its estimated value of $1.6 million.

Does anyone out there know what is going on? Does anyone know anything about the Chateau at all?